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The Space Punks Club is a collection of 10,000 AI-generated collectibles levitating on the Ethereum Blockchain. All 10,000 Space Punks are programmatically randomly generated from 156 attributes hand-drawn by Seagull7x exclusively for this project


Mysterious, beautiful creatures of Seagull7x, small companions to all of the Space Punks during their journey in space.

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Ghost &

Ghost and Elders can be born only by sacrificing the life of clones from original Space Punks Club collection.

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The Space Punks Club is a collection of 10,000 AI-generated collectibles levitating on the Ethereum Blockchain


By their nature, people are universal, and their characteristics are relatively similar. This allows people to become whoever they want, depending on the situation. Humans have always been very adaptive, and their ambition has always pushed them to new discoveries

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Every Zombie survivor will tell you that they are incredibly strong and almost immortal. They have complete immunity to all known and unknown poisons, cold, and electricity. This exceptional endurance makes zombies strong and dangerous warriors

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Imagine a creature very similar to Humans but devoid of any emotion, prejudice, and sympathy. They are intelligent, precise, and powerful by their nature. Aliens possess the most advanced technologies in the Universe

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Even the greatest human scientists could not even imagine how clever apes can be. Thanks to a strongly developed left hemisphere, the apes race has an incredible logical and mathematical mindset

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Albino Ape

The rarest race of Apes. Unlike their younger brothers, Albino Apes developed both hemispheres, which made them highly agile, intelligent creatures. Their exceptional mental and physical skills combined with the need for survival made them one of the most powerful creatures in the Universe

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Space City Build

Phase 1

5 May - 6 June*

Parkour /
Treasure Hunt
p2e game
(playable on 6 June)

Spaceship Racing

Dino Battles

Phase 2

10 May - 8 July*


How were the Space Punks created?

AI randomly generated Space Punks from over 156 traits, including spacesuits, accessories, expressions, and many more. All traits were hand-drawn by the visionary Seagull7x

How can I get a Space Punk?

You can buy a Space Punk on OpenSea

How can I get a Space Dino?

Every Space Punk will get a Space Dino, so they don't feel lonely in Space. Check out on Space Dinos page for more information